IB Social Responsibility

In 2009, the IB Board of Governors approved a Social Responsibility (SR) policy, to apply to all IB offices and staff worldwide. The policy outlines the working practices and changes to business operations that will need to be adopted for the IB to become a more socially responsible organization.

In November 2010, a new organizational strategy was approved by the IB board. Within this strategy, IB's commitment to social responsibility was strengthened - goal 4 focuses on building a sustainable, responsible and efficient organization.

In the next five years, the IB aspires to make its own contribution in helping to create a better world in ways that are thoroughly accountable, transparent, and proactive.

To deliver this vision we have identified four key goals:


  • To maximize our positive social impact on local, national and
    international communities (support human rights, environmental issues)
  • To minimize the organization's carbon footprint and environmental
  • Communicate internally and externally the importance of acting as
    a socially responsible organization
  • To set up an appropriately-resourced structure to manage and
    support the IB SR policy.

To achieve these goals, we will focus initially on minimising the impact of our offices and our travel, as well as supporting good causes in each of our offices. Longer term, we will consider offsetting our travel, becoming more involved in local community initiatives and school service projects in addition to managing the delivery of our global access projects. 

Within the IB, we will continue to develop processes and activities in line with and to support our commitment to social responsibility. We will also focus our efforts on communicating the work of the IB in relation to SR and the importance of acting as a socially responsible organization.

We will implement our SR plan so that it shows clear leadership in the IB community, and we will share the IB's challenges and successes in social responsibility through our collaboration with IB World Schools using this Global Engage website. We hope your school, organization, or educational institution will do the same.

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