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The world continues to watch the unfolding disaster wreaked by a violent earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11. Stories emerging from the affected areas have been terrible and terrifying. Around the world, people have been moved to compassion for the communities who are suffering. Even with the resources of a major industrialized nation and assistance from many other countries around the world, the recovery efforts will be long and difficult. As of today, the nuclear emergency is a still-unfolding situation.

Many IB World Schools and others in the IB family will want to know more about the crisis and may be looking for ways to respond that are meaningful and genuinely helpful, not only to the nineteen schools offering IB programmes in the stricken nation, but also to the wider educational community. Many organizations have specialized resources for learning about this and other heart-breaking natural disasters- you can find teaching materials and expert advice throughout the Guidance for Teachers section of Global Engage.

Opportunities for contributing to relief efforts require careful reflection and research. The world community will be working together to provide assistance that's carefully coordinated and genuinely helpful. You can learn about ways to be informed about global response to disasters and emergencies on the IB's public website on pages that describe the IB's commitment to global engagement.

This site can be a hub for connecting with schools and individuals in a public forum, by adding comments to this blog and by posting information and requests. Schools that are members of the IB Virtual Community can consider building networks for developing joint responses and sharing information.

IB learners are caring, 'showing empathy, compassion and respect to the needs and feelings of others. They have a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others.' In the weeks and months ahead, please share with others how you and your schools have worked to help make a difference in the world during this time of tragedy and struggle in Japan.



Prayers for people of Japan – by Grade 1’s at OIS, Hyderabad, India                                        ‘Emergencies’ is the current inquiry unit for the children of Grade 1. As the world witnesses the catastrophe that took place in Japan, our 6 year olds too looked out at the world far away and wanted to help. Children brought pictures of the devastation that took place in Japan and discussed the emergency situation that the earthquake and tsunami brought about. They discussed all that they had seen on TV during that weekend; thousands of people had died many more missing or injured and many rendered homeless. The children wanted to help and comfort all those who had suffered in the tsunami in Japan. They came up with various suggestions. One child, a little boy, told that “his father had a lot of money so he could send money”, another child suggested that “we send clothes” and another child said “let’s call up the place nearest to Japan and request to help them”, “in my dad’s office there are people from Japan, I’ll ask them to help”. Children empathized and put forward different ways to help the people of Japan. A child also proposed that “they pray”. And thus the children of Grade 1 took a thoughtful action and sat down to write their prayers for the people of Japan. Our young citizens continue to do their bit by writing their prayers even today. Let us also remember to keep Japan in our prayers! May God give them strength to recoup and re-build!  

i like the fact that the ib community is very engage in helping the japanese community in this terrible event, and i would like to know if the help given to the japanese comunity is purely knowledge based or if they are giving monetary helpto the country.

As students of an american school living in Mexico, we can see the situation from a very different perspective. We have the opportunity to be informed about the current events happening in the world. Hence, we are able to discuss the situtation, in this case, that is happening in Japan. We believe that it is important for people to take into account the needs of the affected people. As students that are constantly conected to the media , we need to support the projects that are being developed and impulsed thorugh the different forms of media, such as social networks. It is important to utilize the tools that we have at hand to help those who need it.Smile

Despues de leer lo respectivo a la ayuda para Japon, me gustaria saber que podemos hacer nosotros para tratar de ayudar. Estoy enterada que por parte de la esucela ya se realizo una colecta de dinero, sin embargo hay algo mas en lo que podemos ayudar aun estando tan lejos? Si la respuesta es afirmativa informenos para ayudar. Gracias

Somos tres alumnas de la escuela John F. Kennedy, Querétaro, México. Por lo que leímos en este blog estamos orgullosas de estar en una escuela BI que se preocupa por el bienestar del mundo en el que todos vivimos. En nuestra comunidad se nos inculcan valores en los cuales se apoya la ecología desde proyectos " pequeños", como por ejemplo, el ahorro de agua y luz en nuestras casas, la separación de basura y el reciclaje, hasta proyectos con impacto mundial, como es el terremoto que sufrió Japón.

Actualmente en la comunidad Kennedy existe una campaña de recolección para apoyar a los damnificados de este desastre natural. Pensamos que el esfuerzo que estamos haciendo las escuelas dentro del Bachillerato Internacional realmente tendrá un impacto positivo en el mundo en donde vivimos.

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Paola Contreras Garcia-Cubas

Maite Valdovinos Palacios

Regina Herrera Rivas

My name is santiago, I am an IB Student in Querétaro, Mexico. In my school there was a collect for supporting Japan and although Mexico is very far appart from the disaster, I've seen the community working together and concearned in helping Japan and this makes me vary happy. I'm glad that my school is playing a big role in the involvement of us, students, in society and I hope that other IB schools do also play that role. I would like to know what the IBO is doing to help IB students in Japan.

I know that the Japanese will get through this catastrophe, this is a side of the Japanese culture that we all must look up to, they're organization in the smallest to the greates things is remarkable.

Best of luck to all.


 We as IB students from the John F Kennedy School in Queretaro, Mexico have been part of many different social services that have helped our community and now it was time to help a community far away from ours.It caught our attention that there two catastrophes going on in the world, and that only one is being attended fully and by this we mean the natural disaster Japan, and on the hand the Cholera disease in Haiti.Since we heard the news, our school has been raising money to send out to Japan. This money is planned for shelter, food and medical support.  It is a very strong natural disaster, but whatever happens we will helps as much as we can.

DEspues de leer el blog anterior respecto a el terremoto sufrido en japon, me di cuenta que independientemente de las rivalidades mundiales, si se puede convivir y apoyerse los unos a los otros. Alomejor esto solo sucede despues de un desastre natural o algun accidente o tragedia pero este es el primer paso y una forma de demostrar que si se puede. Yo soy de QUeretaro en Mexico y soy estudiante de la escuela John F. Kennedy y se realizo una recolecta de dinero, el cual fue enviado con as mejores intenciones y para apoyo a Japon.

Siendo alumnos de la escuela John F Kennedy, de Queretaro, Mexico, estamos algo preocupados por la situacion en el mundo, y la reaccion de los paises en torno a ofrecer ayuda humanitaria a paises que han sufrido una tragedia. 


Nos parece admirable y nos enorgullece ver la manera en que el mundo ha reaccionado ante la tragedia en ajpon, al apoyar economicamente y en las labores de rescate para que japon se recupere lo mas pronto posible. Si embargo, creemos que este apoyo tambien se le deberia de ofrecer a pa[ises que no son primer mundistas, por ejemplo, Haiti, que a pesar de que recibio tambien ayuda humanitaria importante despues del sismo que destruy[o a la nacion caribenha, el mundo ha olvidado por completo que la tragedia aun esta latente, Y siendo Haiti un pa[is mucho menos preparado para soportar este tipo de desastre, le tomara decadas recuperarse.


Actualmente una epidemia de colera esta al borde de una pandemia, a punto de salirse de control entre los millones de personas que despues de un anho aun viven en campos de refugiados a las afueras de las ciudades.

 Miles han muerto, sumandose a los mas de 200,000 muertos en el sismo de hace un anho, que para un pais con cerca de seis millones de habitantes, y siendo una economia tan pequenha y debil, tomara muchisimo tiempo en recuperarse, y esto si es que lo logran sin el apoyo internacional.


Consideramos que al ser Japon una potencia economica, los gobiernos del mundo, interesados en el impacto que podria tener en la economia tomaJapon es un pais preparado para este tipo de desastre, y el sismo mato a solo aproximadamente 10mil personas, en un pais de mas de 130 millones, una fraccin insignificante en comparacion con Haiti, sin embargo, esto tristemente se convierte en una prioridad para los otros paises, y no por el hecho de que se trate de una tragedia de vidas humanas, sino por que se trata de una tragedia economica. Los paises se estan enfocando en salvara a Japon y con ello estabilizar su economia, mientras que olvidan la tragedia humana en las personas del tercer mundo, que no representan un impacto en su economia y sus dividendos. NO DEBEMOS OLVIDAR A NUESTROS HERMANOS DEL TERCER MUNDO. OJALA QUE LA AYUDA HUMANITARIA FUERA ENFOCADA A LA GENTE, Y NO AL DINERO Y LOS INTERESES PERSONALES.

Since we train and teach our IB students to think and act globally, we must remind our students about the Japanese disaster. As IB students, they need to interact with the Japanese people. Students can help the Japanese by writing articles about the suffering of the Japanese families. Here, the concept of international mindedness is to be enhanced. The concept of Global Thinking should be planted in the minds of our students. Thus, they will always be aware that they are an essential part of this world and need to work hard for everything which is good and useful for all people.


Mahmoud Dabet,

IB Teacher of English

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