Young People Making a Difference in Mombasa

Your Environmental Voice and Making a Difference Projects

Taking small steps can lead to big impact! Just look what a couple of young men in East Africa have done. Here's a great example of a local and global problem, with concerned community members seeking to empower and innovate.

As part of the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, an IB World School, two Diploma Programme students are aiming

to create awareness on pressing environmental issues through
research and the creation of articles in order to obtain support from
people and acquire feasible solutions to help eradicate these
problems. while the purpose of
Making A Difference Projects is
to actually take action on various issues that the people are facing in
their societies in order to improve the living standards of the people
as well as the environment as a whole.

Check out their work, and see if it might be a model for addressing important global challenges near you.


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