Park and Walk to School Day

On September 15, 2011 ENVIRONMENTALLY ACTIVE Oakridgers from the Newton campus participated in a Park and Walk to School Day. It was an early morning walk to school to raise community awareness about car-pooling & saving the environment. Saving Mother Earth for future generations is the responsibility of every citizen and each participant of this walk held the spirit high of “respecting mother earth” doing their bit in supporting this cause.  While parents mingled amongst others, trying to set up a carpool system, children after the walk created posters to spread awareness. Participants of the walk  lined up on pavement alongside the entry road to the school, displaying posters with catchy captions trying their best to spread the message of saving fuel and hence saving the environment. Children from primary to the senior secondary along with teachers and parents joined hands in conserving the precious environment and spreading awareness on the significance of car-pooling. The peacefulness of the whole event (no "protest" marches, no noise pollution) was much appreciated by everyone. The event was just what it was billed to be - to help save nature. Kids learnt a valuable lesson today that carpooling not only saves us money, reduces traffic congestion, but most importantly helps in keeping the environment clean and green.  Anuradha SawhneyOakridge International School, Newton CampusHyderabad,India


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