Resources for discussions of labor rights


Oxfam Australia has copies of a DVD From the Factory Floor: labour rights and the sportswear industry
which they are happy to send individual schools and teachers upon
request, free of any charge.   Please contact  Sarah Rennie at


In addition, they have a number of online resources, including the following:


In My Shoes at

This is a bilingual blog produced by a Sewani,
24-year old footwear worker in Indonesia. Sewani’s blog explores the
day to day challenges faced by factory workers trying to survive on the
minimum wage. The blog aims to raise awareness about the situation
faced by workers producing for some of the world’s most coveted brands.
Students are also able to send their questions or comments to Sewani.


Unpicking the seams: FAQs on human rights in the garment industry at

This resource is an introduction to some of the
major ethical issues in the footwear and garment sector. It is also
sets out some basic steps that individuals can take to support labour
rights within the industry. The FAQs are aimed at a general audience
but may be particularly useful for teachers, students, designers or
people otherwise involved in the garment industry.


Behind the Seams: Labour rights blog

A blog supporting the human rights of workers.
Features latest news articles and also positive stories of individuals,
organisations and companies who are taking steps towards a more ethical
fashion industry.


More labour rights resources are available at

The labour rights resources page at
also features a range of additional links.




    Are human rights of workers respected in the world? Are human rights of workers violated? How can we be sure that human rights of workers are properly set? I think that human rights are violated in several countries and this is not fair. There should be certain ways or rules to ensure that workers are well treated everywhere.


Mahmoud Dabet,

IB Teacher of English

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