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IB Diploma Group 4 Project Collaboration

Are you interested in working in an internationally collaborative group in your Diploma Program Group 4 project? Check with your teacher, and find out more here.  

Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies

I decided to watch a video that connected to my PowerPoint on Zimbabwe for my speaker project. I watched a documentry on Zimbabwe's condition called Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies. The movie was a little disturbing, to me at lest.

We've matched over 90 IB Students with International IB Students, so join our Penpal Program!

Dear Fellow IB Studentsl, Hello! Bonjour! Hola! In the past year, my friend Tiffany and I created a penpal program, connecting well over 90 IB kids to other IB kids around the world. 

International Social Venture

Hi everyone! . A few of my IB classmates and I are creating an international forum, CosmopoliTeen, in which students are able to develop fluency in a for

Club Ideas

Hi, i am a junior in high school and i would like to get ideas for starting a new club in my school...do you guys have any ideas...???  Hola, no se si me puedan ayudar..necesito ideas para empezar un club en mi escuela...me pueden dar ideas porfis...<3!!


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