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Health Day at the American Community School at Beirut

Health Day at the American Community School at Beirut

IB Diploma Group 4 Project Collaboration

Are you interested in working in an internationally collaborative group in your Diploma Program Group 4 project? Check with your teacher, and find out more here.


Earth Crew, Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai

The Earth Crew was first created about 3 years ago in Ecole Mondiale World School, which aimed to ensure environmental sustainability in the school. Ever since then it has passed several programs in the school promoting a sustainable environment.

"Just Living" curriculum materials

Developed by UNICEF UK has developed curriculum materials for students ages 11-18 that explore ethical decisions about personal and global economic well-being. Case studies from Brazil and Ghana bring a global perspective.

Community Service Project- Nasik

we hear the name of Trimbakeshwar, one cannot be away from the
greenery, nature and pleasant atmosphere. It was the epoch of

Introducing the Global Issues Network (GIN) to the IB community

The Global Issues Network has as its mission: To help students realise they can make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to develop solutions for global issues.

Looking for Summer Collaboration with World School in India

Looking for Summer Collaboration with students in World School in India


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