Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies

I decided to watch a video that connected to my PowerPoint on Zimbabwe for my speaker project. I watched a documentry on Zimbabwe's condition called Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies. The movie was a little disturbing, to me at lest. I don't really think about the situations that other countries are in at the moment very often, so when I saw the trouble Zimbabwe was going through it made me really sad. The documentary kind of opened my eyes and made me see that not everyone has it as easy as I do here. The video discussed the ruler of the country, Robert Mugabe a lot. Mugabe and what he did reminded me a lot of the things happening before the Russian Revolution. Like Mugabe threatens people to make them follow him and frames people who oppose him. Mugabe also got rid of all of the newspapers to control the media. Another similarity is shortages, there are big shortages of food and oil in Zimbbwe. I think that what is happening in Zimbabwe is similar to what happened in Russia... Now the people just need to overthrow Mugabe to make it complete!! Some of the footge shown was really shocking. They showed grocery stores with absolutely nothing on the shelves, stacks of money to buy everyday necessities, and the harsh treatment of the people there. I don't know what can be done to help the people of Zimbabwe right now, but if I find an organiztion or way to help I would love to. Hopefully someday Zimababwe will overthrow Mugabe and become the prospering nation they used to be. Hopefully someday they'll be known for the beautiful Victoria Falls again and not for the problems that face their country.


A lot of Zimbabweans decide to flee the country to South Africa, but South Africa won't let them stay. Why do you think South Africa won't help their struggling neighbor's people?

The video talks of expropration, the redistrubution of land after taking it from someone else. Do you think that this is fair and right?

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Zimbabwe seems like a country where their people are too poor to take care of themselves or afford enough food, let alone education or health care. Close to such a starving, diseased-filled country, the South Africans most likely do not want desperate immigrants bringing their poverty and disease into their country. Apparently cholera is breaking out epidemicly in Zimbabwe, so it would be risky letting those people into South Africa, which is a lot less disease-ridden. 

For your first question, I believe that it is a matter of the South African government cannot handle that many refugees. If you think about it, if some people are let over the border, then more and more people will try to escape Mugabe's iron fist. Pretty soon, the majority of people of Zimbabwe will be emigrating to South Africa. There, there will be overpopulation of the cities, increased unemployment rates, and of course ethnic clashes. Overpopulation will lead to higher demand for jobs that don't exist, which in turn leads to greater unemployment of the South African people (the Zimbabwe natives would probably do more work for less pay), and that leads to South Africans hating the people of Zimbabwe. The South African government is correct in doing this because if they don't, the stability of two countries will be decimated rather than one.

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