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The KAUST School Global Engage - Antarctica 2041

TKS Global Engage: Antarctica K-12 Learning Plan that supports the KAUST Mission to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research.

Global Classroom 2011-12


Park and Walk to School Day

On September 15, 2011 ENVIRONMENTALLY ACTIVE Oakridgers from the Newton campus participated in a Park and Walk to School Day.

PYP School-wide Action Project: Video - "We Are One"

A school action project to change the world - PYP School, Great Lakes Elementary, in Holland, MI. USA, produced the following original
songs and videos to help unite people of the world, encourage them to take action, make a difference and become world leaders.

We've matched over 90 IB Students with International IB Students, so join our Penpal Program!

Dear Fellow IB Studentsl,

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! In the past year, my friend Tiffany and I created a penpal program, connecting well over 90 IB kids to other IB kids around the world. 

CAS & Visual Arts camps in Bali in July - help build a school

CAS & Visual Arts camps in Bali this July

Please invite students aged 16-19 and teachers to help build a training center at SMK Payangan High School.

Run by volunteers of the PEP Foundation and CAS Coordinator Lyn Melville-Rea

Introducing the Global Issues Network (GIN) to the IB community

The Global Issues Network has as its mission: To help students realise they can make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to develop solutions for global issues.

Spotlight on Fiji!

A special issue of the Spotlight on Service IBAP Australasia Newsletter - Spotlight on Fiji! Insight into service projects at the two IB schools in Fiji, International Schools Nadi and Suva.



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