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Earth Focus Magazine

Contributors sought for Earth Focus Magazine, published quarterly in two languages (English and French) and distributed worldwide by the Earth Focus Foundation.

International Survey on Intenet and Education - 9th grade teachers needed (very little work from you)

Dear Teachers,


I have a student who is doing a project about Internet and Education and he needs 100 students to fill in an online survey. I would be very grateful

 if you could send the link to your students (max 20), so he can continue with his Personal Project.

The KAUST School Global Engage - Antarctica 2041

TKS Global Engage: Antarctica K-12 Learning Plan that supports the KAUST Mission to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research.

"Just Living" curriculum materials

Developed by UNICEF UK has developed curriculum materials for students ages 11-18 that explore ethical decisions about personal and global economic well-being. Case studies from Brazil and Ghana bring a global perspective.

International Social Venture

Hi everyone! . A few of my IB classmates and I are creating an international forum, CosmopoliTeen, in which students are able to develop fluency in a for

Spotlight on Fiji!

A special issue of the Spotlight on Service IBAP Australasia Newsletter - Spotlight on Fiji! Insight into service projects at the two IB schools in Fiji, International Schools Nadi and Suva.


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