Catastrophes naturelles et situations d'urgence

Haitian poverty and earthquake response

In January 12 2010, an earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude devastated Haiti, mainly around the capital of Port- Au- Prince.



is a website containing over 500 articles on global issues and many links to other websites, articles adnd resources - mostly written by a passionate individual - Anup Shah.

These articles give very good introductions to many topics.



Teaching about the floods in Pakistan

A number of agencies have prepared teaching materials relating to the Pakistani floods. Some of these are collated at:

Floods in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently hit by devastating floods.

The End Of Poverty? Movie Reflection

This was and interesting movie to watch. But if you are planning on watching it you need to plan to sit down and watch. You need to avoid distractions because there are people that are interviewed who speek other languages so you would have to read the subtitles on the bottom of the screen.


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